Product Features

• Trimmer Box designed to span over existing or new trimmer chains

• Line Shaft driven saw ladders:

  • Reduces the overall horse power required
  • Eliminates 10-12 electric motors
  • Eliminates the associated motor starters
  • Reduces swinging mass of each saw ladder which improves ladder response
  • Results in a cleaner, clutter free saw box which is much easier to maintain

• Clamshell design for easy saw change and maintenance

• Quick-change saw ladders

• All components are bolted to a machined and keyed surface

• Fast belt change system with no need to realign shaft

• Power Band belt driven saw arbors

• Shock-absorbing cylinder mounts

• SMC Pneumatics cylinders and valves

• Two optional frame size designs available

• Trimmer door self contained HPU available

• Air bag hold down shoe design to minimize bouncing

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