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The most expensive and sophisticated scanning and optimizing equipment is useless if you cannot hold the log steady through the manufacturing process. There is no more stable and efficient platform for scanning and processing timber than an ASM Sharp Chan System. Accurate lumber is valuable lumber, pure and simple.

ASM has invested over a million dollars in precision CNC manufacturing equipment so that we can produce the most accurate and consistent sharp chain possible. While others may try to reduce costs by outsourcing their machining work, we know the only way to get the job done right is to do it yourself.

ASM manufactures sharp chain systems for new installations and also retrofit installations. Our retrofit kits are available to fit almost every brand of sharp chain system. By retro fitting your old sharp chain system with an ASM system you can increase recovery, reduce maintenance and down time, and take advantage of ASM’s extensive replacement parts inventory. ASM can ship most replacement chain on the save day it is ordered.

Sharp Chain

ASM is known world wide for our high quality durable and accurate sharp chain. ASM Sharp chain is precision made, economical to operate and backed up by a rock solid warranty and service program.


  • Two chain widths to choose from, 2 1/2” and 3”.


  • Investment cast, high strength alloy Dog Links are heat-treated and precision machined. ASM’s machining procedure includes the critical connector link mounting surface area. Each Dog Link is equipped with two vertical spikes, which can be refurbished using common welding and grinding techniques.


  • ASM’s vertical spike design allows the log to be impaled onto the log with less force. Less impact force at the loading area allows the log to be removed easier, and with less fiber damage after it’s been processed.


  • Connector links are precision machined from a billet of high strength alloy. ASM’s multi-step machining procedure finishes out all the mating surfaces of the connector link. A precise fit between the connector link and the dog link is essential for distributing lateral forces along several sections of chain. High lateral forces are imposed on the chain while passing through the chipping and cutting area.

Sharp Chain Track

The sharp chain rides on a wear resistant bar. This wear bar is machined and keyed on the bottom to mate with the supporting track. A center guide bar mounts into a central grove, which is machined in the top of the wear bar. Once the final installation and alignment is complete, the wear bar and the center guide bar can be replaced easily without realigning the entire support track.


ASM wear bars and guide bars are manufactured in 12-foot long sections. Longer sections minimize connecting joints to provide a smoother, stronger guide system. Longer replaceable sections also help to simplify installation.

Sharp Chain Sprockets

ASM’s upgraded large-scale CNC machining capabilities allow us to manufacture our precision machined sharp chain sprockets. Machining the sprocket as a complete unit produces a smoother running, better mating, chain and sprocket system.

Chain Guide Anvils

Every ASM sharp chain system comes complete with one pair of Side Guide Anvils. These Side Guide Anvils provide extra lateral support in the chipping and sawing area. ASM Anvils are fully adjustable and do not require the use of shims.

Precision Sharp Chain
Lube System

The ASM high pressure chain lube system meters out the precise amount of

lubricating oil needed to ensure maximum chain life without wasting oil. Approximately one gallon of lube oil per hour is applied at critical points on the Sharp Chain System. The lube system is activated* on timed intervals, which are synchronized to the chain running speed and operating time. The lube system applies oil only when chain is actually moving, thus conserving lube oil and eliminating unnecessary clean up.


* Lube oil pump- is activated by the customers PLC system.

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