Product Features

The ASM Twin Canter is an extremely precise and solidly built machine packed with many built in values. Our low maintenance, high strength design is easy to maintain and economical to operate.

  • ASM’s exclusive shear pin style arbor bearing mount, provides a rock solid support platform. The ASM design will not allow the chip head and arbor assembly to move forward or backward. This design makes adjustments of the lead-in a breeze, with no possibility of loosing the horizontal reference point.
  • Canter head arbors are machined from aircraft quality high strength alloy shafting.
  • Arbor bearings are oversized tapered roller bearings.
  • Canter Assemblies ride on 5 1/2” diameter induction hardened chrome round-ways.
  • Round way mounting clamps and linear bearings are machined and keyed to match the main support frame and the canter box. This eliminates the need for realignment during maintenance.
  • The main support base is constructed from W12 X 50# steel beam, fully welded to form a super strong ladder style frame.
  • The canter boxes are constructed from 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” steel plate, which creates an extra rigid arbor support system that can stand up to years of use and abuse.
  • To increase positioning accuracy and eliminate backlash, each linear position cylinder is mounted using precision machined and keyed trunnion and rod end mounts. Also, the spherical rod end connecting pins are anchored using precision locking ring assemblies.
  • Canter head guards and chip chutes are fabricated using super durable T-1 alloy plate for years of durability.

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