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Equipment Refurbishing & Upgrade Program

A great way to stretch a capital improvement budget is to utilize existing equipment. ASM has a unique reconditioning service that can bring new life to warn but solid equipment. ASM will evaluate a machine center and determine if it is cost effective to rebuild it. ASM has access to many resources that we can use to find used equipment. We also have a stock of rebuilt Bandmills and related items to choose from. ASM provides a full one year warranty on all rebuilt machinery

In addition to simply rebuilding machinery we can modify and refit machine centers with modern technology. ASM offers packages such as our Round Way Slide Base Conversion Kit. This kit replaces old, troublesome, flat ways and V-ways on canters with our induction hardened roundway system. We also have a package for retrofitting existing board edgers with our computer controlled optimized feed system. There are many possibilities.

Bandmill Before Rebuild - Advanced Sawmill Machinery
Bandmill After Rebuild - Advanced Sawmill Machinery
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