Product Features

  • Simple easy to operate Patented Design (U.S. Patent #4823851)


  • Articulating press rolls lift off the lumber to positively index each board for smoother operation


  • Chrome, smooth finished, press rolls will not damage pre-finished lumber as
    “pineapple rolls” often do.


  • Feed rolls are driven by an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system. Hydraulic drive
    eliminates bulky electric motors, gearboxes and hazardous drive chains.


  • Reduced press roll weight improves press roll reaction times.


  • Simple installation, minimal electronic controls, no PLC necessary for operation.


  • Simple, safe operation. Lumber thickness can be adjusted and set using remote
    electronic controls. Fast, easy, product changeover. No need to manually adjust


  • Feed table can handle a wide range of sizes from 1” x 4” up to 8” x 10”


  • Heavy duty thick walled structural tubing used to construct framework.

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