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Bandmill Wheels


We stock a full line of ASM Sharp Chain parts that usually ship the same day as ordered.

We supply parts and replacement components for ASM machinery and all other manufacturers machinery as well.

ASM will manufacture custom components built to your specifications. ASM can also "reverse engineer" parts and components to fit machinery that is no longer available.

We carry a full line of mill supplies also. Our O.E.M. buying power allows us to provide the best price and delivery on many common mill components such as chain, gear reducers, bearings hydraulic components and pneumatic components. We also manufacture ASM sorter slings to fit any brand of lumber sorter.

Knurled Rolls - Sawmill Machinery
Conveyor Sprockets - Sawmill Machinery
Log Conveyor Sprockets - Sawmill Machinery

Sawmill Machinery Equipment

A high-performance machine depends on top-quality parts. We manufacture:

  • Parts and service for ASM machinery
  • Parts for all other manufacturers’ machinery
  • Custom parts and components built to order
  • Full line of sharp chain replacement parts, including retrofit kits to replace any sharp chain with an ASM Sharp Chain
  • Sawmill supplies
    • Gear Reducers
    • Bearings—All Major Brands
    • Hydraulic Components
    • Pneumatic Components
    • ASM Sorter Slings To Fit Any Brand Of Sorter
Bandmill Wheels - Sawmill MachineryBronze Bearings  - Sawmill MachineryCarriage Wheels / Axle Assemblies  - Sawmill Machinery
Nylon Carriage Wheel  - Sawmill MachinerySteel Carriage Wheel - Sawmill MachineryCustom Parts Fabrication - Sawmill Machinery
Gear Reducer - Sawmill MachineryShaft Mount Gear Reducer - Sawmill MachineryKnurled Rolls - Sawmill Machinery
Sharp Chain Sproket - Sawmill MachinerySorter Slings - Sawmill MachineryBearings - Sawmill Machinery
Mill Supplies - Sawmill Machinery Trunnions and Assorted Fabrications - Sawmill Machinery
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