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SteadyScan© Log Transport System

(US Patent # 6,811,022 B2)

Stop lying to your optimizer! Give it a chance to get a true scan by installing the ASM SteadyScan© Log Transport System. This system tracks arrow straight and rock steady, and is the only conveyor that can take full advantage of today’s high performance log optimization software. After all, what good is a sophisticated optimization systems if you can’t hold the log steady though the scan zone?

Each chain flight can be equipped with replaceable nylon wear pads. The nylon pads help the chain to run incredibly smooth and quiet while also reducing the horsepower required to drive the system. A steel-on-steel guide system is also available.

  • Our SteadyScan© chain runs on precision machined, replaceable stainless steel V and flat raceways.
  • Each section of raceway is bolted down to a machined and keyed surface in the bottom of the chain trough. This allows the sections to be replaced without having to realign the system.
  • ASM’s large-scale CNC milling machines allow us to machine large conveyor sections in one set up. This creates a much more accurate and easy to assemble log line.
  • All chain is heat treated and assembled with 1-1/8” diameter pins.
  • 40” diameter head and tail sprockets reduce excessive chain articulation, which can shorten the life of the chain.
  • Vector drives on each SteadyScan© provide very precise log positioning.
  • Every SteadyScan© system is pre assembled at our facility to ensure precise fit before it arrives on your jobsite.

Stop & Loader

  • Designed to handle any size logs with heavy duty steel frame
  • Includes skid plates to guide logs over arms without hangups when even ending is required
  • Hydraulically operated with stand alone accumulator and high pressure filter.

Fixed log chop saw

  • Pivot type saw frame. Electronically driven with 75HP motor and V-belt drive.
  • Saw positioned with a hydraulic linear position and proportional valve
  • Controlled by your PLC.

Log sweep kicker

  • Heavy steel frame designed for any size lumber.
  • Pipe torque arm style with plating full length. Air operated.

rotary log kicker

  • Fairfield Torque-Hub® Gear Reducer mounted inside the kicker body, out of harm's way.
  • Low cost, readily available hydraulic motor mates directly into the torque hub. Belt drives, roller chains, and couplings are completely eliminated.
  • Floating Torque arm/mounting flange isolates the drive system completely.
    All end loads are supported by an oversized tapered roller bearing.
  • Simple, Clean, Tough!

Log Pusher Type Even Ender

  • Heavy steel frame designed to push any size log
  • Hydraulically operated with linear cylinder.

log chop saws on precision

positioning base

  • Designed to position saws on continuous heavy steel V-way base with 15HP gear drives.
  • Saw stroke controlled by 7.5HP AC vector drive and steel control arm assemblies.
  • Each saw is independently driven by a 75HP V-belt drive.

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