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Custom Products Design

While other manufacturers may try to shoe horn your production needs into whatever machine they have in their inventory, ASM can custom engineer and manufacture a machine to fit your requirements. ASM's innovative Special Projects Department specializes in thinking "outside the box".

ASM engineers will start from zero and evaluate a production challenge then develop an idea or concept to meet that challenge. We will then perform a cost analysis using the latest engineering software to determine if it is feasible to proceed with the development of a working prototype. From there we can turn the successful prototype into a full-fledged production device. ASM engineers can also take your existing idea or concept and provide the engineering to determine if it is feasible or cost effective. Either approach can be completed in stages to fit most customers R & D budgets.

At ASM we know the importance of industry confidentiality. All proprietary information is kept strictly confidential. As a matter of fact, many of the projects we are the most proud of cannot be shown on this website!


Log Loader Rail Car - Sawmill Machinery

Do you have a need that you can’t meet with an existing machine? Tell us what you want and we’ll build it to your exact specifications.

We provide:

Design and development of experimental and prototype equipment. Examples:

  • Specialized machine centers for the veneer industry (proprietary designs not available on the open market) 
  • Log Loader/Rail Car

Machinery upgrade retrofit kits.

  • Round-way Style Canter Slide Base Kits
  • Round-way Style Bandmill Slide Base Kits (isolates canter set-works from bandmill set-works)
  • Board Planer Hydraulic Motor Conversion Kit
  • ASM Sharp Chain Retro Fit Kits

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