Product Features

The ASM Carriage with our Smart Dog System© eliminates moving parts by using only one tong assembly to perform all clamping tasks. A variable pressure, variable position dog assembly can reach out and manhandle a monster log, or retract to gently grasp a smaller board. The Smart Dog System also allows the tongs to be pre-positioned to reduce process cycle times. Our Carriage Knee with the Smart Dog System can be retrofitted to your existing carriage.

  • All welded steel frame, machined for exact alignment of all bolt on components
  • Heavy T1 steel tong dogs for holding logs, cants and boards
  • Precision chrome roundways
  • Fast cant unloaders
  • T1 steel or UHMW wheels
  • Chain turners for rotating logs either direction
  • Brownsville turners for cants
  • Can be designed for any length lumber

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