Product Features

Feed System

  • ASM manufactures edgers and edger feed systems to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. We feature both manual and optimized feed systems. Our optimized system can feed multi saw board edgers or our two saw board edger.


  • Our optimized feed table quickly and accurately skews and loads the board based on the computerized solution.


  • Our manual feed system sets the saws based on laser line guided saw positioning.


  • Both manual and optimized systems feature full tubular steel framework, top quality components, and the same precision manufacturing that goes in to all ASM equipment.

Two Board Edger

  • Clean, simple design features make our two-saw edger durable and economical to operate.


  • The saw is mounted directly on the motor shaft eliminating a separate arbor shaft, external bearings, and the associated alignment and maintenance headaches.


  • Each motor is machined and keyed to match it's mounting surface. This makes it easy to replace, with no complicated alignment procedure.


  • All other components of the machine are also machine keyed for easy service and replacement.


  • Board anvils are fully adjustable with out the use of shims.

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