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About ASM: Facilities, Personnel and Engineering

ASM has a large manufacturing facility located in Holt, Florida. Our plant has a full machine shop with CNC capabilities well beyond most of our competitors. We also have several large scale milling machines made by Zayer and Zeller which are capable of machining very large welded assembles. Machining an assembly as one large piece allows us to build equipment that requires no internal shimming, alignment or adjustment. For example, all the bearing mounting surfaces in our trimmers can be machined using only one set up, guaranteeing all the features are referenced to each other within a few thousandths of an inch.

In addition to our machine shop, ASM has an excellent fabrication facility staffed with expert personnel, many of whom have direct sawmill experience. As a matter of fact, 35% of our manufacturing personnel have worked in a sawmill before joining ASM.

The newest addition to the ASM facility is our Media Blasting Booth and Paint Booth. These allow us to prepare machinery for painting by removing mill slag, rust , and grease (many of our competitors just paint right over this). Our paint booth allows us to spray a quality finish on the machinery while protecting the environment.

ASM's engineering staff is made up of experienced engineers and designers. 60% of our engineering staff has worked in a modern sawmill. The average ASM engineering staff member has 20+ years of experience in the forest products industry.

We use SolidWorks® and AutoCad® Inventor to design your equipment so that it is guaranteed to fit, and that each component has been evaluated and manufactured to work under the extreme stress that is required for your job.

Our shop can handle most jobs

Advanced Sawmill Machinery is a proud member of the University of South Florida Safety Program

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